Unique Building Design

Piano Violin House — Huainan, China


National Fisheries Development Board regional office building inspired by a fish — Hyderabad, India

Asahi Building inspired by a human sperm — Tokyo, Japan

Chang Building inspired by an elephant — Bangkok, Thailand

De Young Museum inspired by a Jawa Sandcrawler(Star Wars) — San Francisco, California

Apartment building inspired by a strip of film — Malaga, Spain

Namba Parks Building inspired by a Sony Playstation 3 — Osaka, Japan

Fang Yuan Da Sha inspired by an ancient Chinese coin — Shenyang, China

Holiday Inn inspired by a sugar shaker — Townsend, Australia

Toilet-shaped house in Suweon, South Korea

Zayed National Museum inspired by a pair of wings — Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Diagonal Towers inspired by a hashtag — Seoul, Korea

AT&T Building inspired by Batman — Nashville, Tennessee