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As we know, many Japanese netizens questioned the qualification of Miss Japan who was won by Priyanka Yoshikawa. Priyanka was bi-racial half-Indian and Japanese.  But now, they have shut their mouth when seeing a beautiful girl has won the title of Miss Teen Japan 2017 and she's just 12 years old. Her named is Itose Nanayo (糸瀬 七葉), height 159cm, weight only 33kg and was born in December 31, 2003. More than 4000 contestant age between 13 to 17 years old applies to participate this event.

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A farm in Albany, Oreagon is hosting goat yoga classes to provide yogis with a "unique calm" and fun. Lainey Morse with No Regrets Farm's Goat Yoga class told Modern Farmer magazine the goats serve like "therapy animals during a normal human yoga class."


Anastasiya Kvitko, 22, from Russia, and now has moved to Los Angeles saying that she like Kim Kardashian but she don't quite like being compared to her - Kim Kardashian is far behind her. Anastasiya - who has  a 37.4-inch bust , 24.8-inch waist, and 41.3-inch hips, puts her success down to defying an edict to lose weight, and insists she has never been under the surgeon"s knife, a claim that is being disputed in her own country. Anastasiya says the only surgery she has ever had is having her appendix removed.

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Damn! It's hilarious.

The cat named Keys aka GoalKitty love putting its paws in the air and can make us laugh.

The annual South Korea Miss Sexy Back Contest 2016 or Sexy Back Contest 2016 has attracted a beautiful and sexy young contestant to participate in this contest to find which's contestant have a beautiful and healthy butt. Similar like Brazil Miss Bum Bum.

Funny pictures when a woman thinks she was using a shampoo, but the fact that she uses hair removing lotion and causing her hair falling and balding.

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One of the gas stations in Samara, Russia held a controversial advertising campaign free gasoline filled tank for women if they come with high heels and a bikini. Men also had to comply with this specified dress code.

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Japanese forum recently had a hot discussion, when a user sends 4 screenshot photo of young girls from a Japanese show and asked them to guess "Which one of them are still in elementary or primary school (age 12)?  I have a challenge for you, can you guess it? Cannot cheating okay!